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Courtney Cooper
Graduate Student at Appalachian State University
Post-collegiate runner 
-Winner of 2013 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, 3:01:49
-Third place in 2012 Outer Banks Half Marathon, 1:20:47
-Personal Bests of 17:33 for 5k and 36:49 for 10k
Victoria helps to keep my body and mind happy and healthy so that I can continue running as I love to do. Her neuromuscular techniques are beneficial in addressing the source of injuries as well as preventing future injury.

Courtney Cooper
Graduate Assistant
Department of Geography and Planning
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608
I have been a client of Victoria's for about a year and a half and I believe that she has made a hugh difference in my quality of life both physically and emotionally. Before I started receiving treatments from Victoria, my feet had swollen from a size 9 1/2 D to 10 1/2 EEEE. My guess is that it was due to the blood pressure medication I  had been taking for the prior 15 years. During that time period I had been to at least 4 Podiatrists who thought that I had either plantar fasciatis or flat feet. I tried expensive orthotics and special socks nothing seemed to work. The pain in my feet was so intense that at night I would have to use a wire apparatus at the foot of my bed to keep even the lightest sheet off of my feet. When I would get up in the morning it would take me several minutes of stretching before I was able to walk. Now, since going to Victoria I am pain free, orthotics free and can sleep in comfort with bedding on my feet. Victoria's special work and exercises have made me feel so good that now I can take extensive hikes whenever I want.
 Thank You Victoria

 I am a project manager assistant so my job involves mostly sitting at a computer all day or working on a large format printer that involves lifting large rolls of paper, so when I started having severe shoulder pain I thought maybe I had injured it while lifting paper. I was in severe pain for around 6 months. It was difficult to do my job or even do everyday tasks such as making the bed or doing my hair and makeup. After several doctor’s visits I was finally diagnosed with frozen shoulder, then he told me that it could take up to a year to heal.  I have never been in so much pain my life.  After I was diagnosed I was prescribed medication and exercises to try to ease the pain. I even tried acupuncture, nothing helped. I finally made an appointment with Victoria and she told me that she could work on it and maybe ease the pain. When I went in I couldn’t even reach above my head or behind my back. By the time I left that one session I was feeling so much better, I had range of motion back and after the soreness left from the treatment I was back to doing everything that I was before.  After I had made numerous visits to Doctors with no relief; it only took one visit to Victoria to fix the problem.  She is wonderful; if I ever have this problem again I will definitely make an appointment with her first.

Jennifer Nichols


July 3, 2012

What can I say about Victoria Anton that hasn’t already been said by so many? That she is a genuinely sincere, caring woman who has the ability to “see” my energy and direct it to heal me in even the smallest of places of my soul? Yes…I can say that and believe it with my whole heart.

I first went to see Victoria 4 months ago for deep tissue massage on my sore neck and back but what I came away with was great massage AND knowledge that I have control over my body and healing was within reach.

I began Cranial Sacral therapy with Victoria and just recently, along with the help of my healthcare provider, have been able to discontinue some of the western medications I’ve been on for many years. I do believe that through Victoria’s wisdom and knowledge of the body we have begun healing my body through the different modalities of her practice.

Also, she has been extremely effective with work on my TMJ problem which I have had for years and have had increasing discomfort over the past couple of months. Headaches, ear ache and jaw pain were increasing preventing me from sleeping and functioning without several doses of Tylenol every day. There was immediate relief, I mean immediate relief, after the first session. After 3 sessions I have no headaches, ear ache or jaw pain.

Victoria also taught me how to care for myself between treatments with her. I was meant to find her and embrace her gift. I’m happy she is in my life.


Nancy Yamashita

Jefferson, NC

I met Victoria in 2013 on our summer vacation. I had extreme pain in my back and numbness in my hands and feet. After a one hour session with her, I felt great. She gave me a lot of very helpful information about how to keep my body in shape and how to improve it. I get back to GA and fall right back into my old routine.
     We returned to NC for our 2014 summer vacation, and I am 15 pounds heavier and in pain again.  During our stay, I had two more sessions with Victoria and again, I felt great.  This time I followed her advise on stretching and exercise programs and just a few weeks later I am preparing for my first 5K in twenty years.  Twelve weeks ago, I could not run a 1/4 mile.
     I would advise anyone, regardless of size or shape, if you want to quit hurting and improve your quality of life give Victoria a chance to help you.
With Much Thanks,
Tommy Collinsworth
     I have learned much from Victoria since we started working together. When I first went to her I expected that I would be requesting massage, however, Victoria assessed me and suggested Active Isolated Stretching, otherwise my tight hamstrings would come right back. I was hesitant at first as I have had mixed results with stretching in the past, and I liked the idea that a massage therapist would do her work and “fix” my muscles.
     Though there is a time and place to be the passive recipient of a great massage, this was not the time for me...

     Working with Victoria has been a great reminder that when I stress my body training like I do, there are no easy “fixes” and I need to take more responsibility and work independently too, instead of simply relying on body work sessions to help me recover. I am growing to appreciate the self-reliance I am learning to help my body sustain and recover from hard efforts for training for ultra marathon distance. I like that we talk about the results I seek and the decide the best approach. Although I am Victoria’s client, she is partnering with me in my own self care and I am very appreciative…and I am really glad her office has excellent space for both her body work AND the AIS.
Annette Bednosky
Montrail UltraRunning Team Member,
Race Director for New River Trail 50k:




 I am a senior in high school, and my plans are to run track in college. I have been running track since my sophomore year. As a junior, during track season I experienced severe muscle tightness or what my coach referred to as "heavy legs" and he recommended massage therapy. Right after my first treatment with Victoria I could tell a  significant difference. Victoria's approach is a whole body approach to wellness. She didn't just treat the symptoms but was eager to resolve the cause. She is extremely knowledgeable in sport related therapy, and more importantly, she genuinely wanted to help me. I really appreciate what Victoria has done for me during my last track season and I highly recommend her to athletes who need help for a  specific problem or who want to gain an advantage in their sport.       




 I have had chronic neck pain and stiffness since 2006. When I would get a massage or go to therapy , I would get some relief for a few days and occasionally for even a couple of weeks but the pain always came back. Victoria started working with me on active isolated stretching exercises. What a difference! It’s just hard to believe that doing a couple of minutes of simple stretches a few times throughout the day has given me such relief! I no longer wake up with the stiffness in my neck and upper back and I have been free of the pain that was causing me such discomfort when I turned my head.

I am a retired teacher who always encouraged students to learn things for themselves, to "dig" and find the answers to their problems, and to never stop learning. I did not follow my own advice! When the neck pain happened, I just wanted someone else to fix it for me. Victoria helped me see that I had to take an active role in learning the stretches and exercises and do them consistently to keep the neck muscles from tightening and creating the pain.

Thank you so much Victoria for teaching me the importance of learning the active isolated stretches and showing me how to incorporate these stretches into a daily routine. Thanks too for reminding me that learning is a lifelong pursuit and that we need to learn all we can about how our own bodies work.

Retired Teacher

Kathy Bower



Last summer I injured my back while biking, and a friend recommended Victoria as a massage therapist and energetic healer. Within two visits, my pain had subsided, and Victoria provided me with exercises and a greater understanding of the mechanics of my body. Her holistic knowledge is astounding and she is a talented therapist, able to explain how the body and energetics work, along with her amazing skills as a massage therapist. I highly recommend Victoria for anyone seeking a healthier life. 

Jen Walker



AIS makes sense for my body.  I have done massage for three decades and loved the way it makes me feel.  But doing AIS sustains that wonderful release of massage into a permanent state.  And I can do it at home for the same feeling!  In addition, AIS has given me a range of motion I don't ever remember having, it has strengthened my core, and it has even changed my gait.  For the first time in my life, I feel at home in my body, able to move without pain and with surety, confident in a newly found strength.   Getting all this with Victoria as a guide has been the most sustained work and FUN I have experienced in decades.  She makes AIS a habit I don't want to break.  Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and teaching are strong motivation to embrace this miraculous stretching system that literally frees my body to move well and frees my soul to contemplate health and well-being.  Learning the stretches has given me tools to use at home to build strength and technique and even to take care of my own body.  In my several months of learning AIS with Victoria, I even find myself dreaming up new ways to stretch!  Victoria and AIS have totally changed my body feeling from frustration to joy.  I look forward to each class with her as a key to unlock flexibility and movement.  I never thought I could feel this good. Try it!  You'll like it!
Ruth P., Educator, life coach, grandmother.
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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